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How Should Christmas Be Celebrated?

Christmas is upon us once more. The streets are filled with lights and decorations, where presents can be found littered under the Christmas trees once again. However, it is also the time of the year where the season and spirit of Christmas can often be over commercialised. Where in being so easily overshadowed by the Christmas lights, the Christmas sales and the worry of gift-giving, it is good for a believer to take a breather from all the distractions to ask… how then should a Christian really celebrate Christmas?

The first step is to recognise that the beauty behind Christmas is not in the receiving and giving of gifts, it is about being the giver of gifts. Yes, your loved ones, family and friends will be blessed by your generosity, however the focus of Christmas should not be spent on pacifying the expectations on what can be received, but rather be focused on being a giver.

Imitate Jesus in Christlikeness this Christmas

The whole idea of being a giver of gifts is patterned after the one who was sent to us as a gift, Jesus Christ. Where Jesus gave himself for us as a living sacrifice, as a redemption from our sins. (Titus 2:14) For us, it is through what Jesus has done, that we recognise him as a giver of hope, life, restoration, and love. And if imitation is the best form of flattery, then the way for us as his followers to really celebrate Christmas this season, is to then imitate Jesus in Christlikeness. To in turn be like him… to be a giver of hope, life, restoration and love to others.

Therefore, take the time this Christmas not to worry about the size of your gifts, but rather to worry about how you are being a gift to others. Spend the time thinking instead of how you in being like Jesus, will be able to love others as you have been loved. To be patient just as he is patient with you. To do unto others what He has done for you.

May I suggest to you, instead of spending this Christmas by just unwrapping presents and presenting gifts, do take the time to present yourselves as a giver of hope, life and love to those that God has placed in your very lives. May you all be blessed this season in loving God and in loving one another, celebrating your Christmas in Christlikeness.


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