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3 Ways to Improve a Christian Marriage

The first thing not to lose in your marriage is communication. None of us is psychic. However much we think we might be empathetic; we can’t read another’s mind. Learning to express your wishes, grouses, what pleases or displeases you will help to bridge the gulf between you and your spouse. This expression should be done clearly and truthfully to your marriage partner. Bear in mind that also that Scripture [Eph4:15] exhorts us to “speak the truth in love.”

Should verbal communication not be what you’re used to initially, might I suggest writing your thoughts and feelings down – a form of love letter, if you like. This might give you time to formulate your thoughts and emotions carefully instead of blurting something you might regret later. In fact this is something May and I convey in the marriage retreat we conduct.

This brings us to the second thing to enhance your marriage relationship. Marriage is a work in progress and takes constant effort to keep it alive and well. One way is through attending Marriage Retreats. This is something May and I totally believe in.

Try to leave all the cares and worries behind. Take leave from work, cooking and cleaning, even family Arrange for sitters for mind your children should you need to. Then sign on for a time away to simply focus on one another and your marriage relationship. Both of you and your marriage deserve it.

Trust me when I say that you will not regret it.

The third thing is the most important to any Christian marriage and that is to have Christ as the head of both husband and wife, their marriage relationship, and their household. For the couple relationship to grow, each individual must first have a sound relationship with the Lord. The way to keep the fire of the marriage passion going is by strengthening our own relationship with God.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 tells us that “…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” The third strand is God who binds the first two strands, husband and wife, together.

Marriage takes commitment – commitment to God and to each other. No timeout is allowed; no excuse either. Commitment is to be total and complete both to the Lord and to one another. As the song from the musical ‘Oklahoma’ goes:

“It cain’t be in between.

It cain’t be now and then.

No half and half romance will do.”


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