3 Reasons Why You Need a Christian Community

Do I need to be part of a Christian community if I am a Christian? What about being involved in church or spending time with other believers?

Now, these are important questions which unfortunately come to mind once too often. And if you have ever experienced disappointment or hurt by those in the community, it’s only natural that you’ll wrestle with such thoughts.

But when these thoughts do come, it can be helpful to remind yourself of what the Christian community is intended for and our need for her. This starts by uncovering the original purpose for this community and the important functions that it serves for believers.


Let’s go back to the time of Exodus where the first community of God’s people first gathered as one. This was when God first rescued the Hebrews out of Egypt and made His purpose clear to them (Exodus 6:7), promising that to be their God and they, His people.

When this covenantal relationship was established, one of the first few instructions given to God’s people was for them not to intermarry with other tribes and not to partake in the pagan feasts and festivals of unbelievers.

However, the purpose for such an instruction was not a matter of genetics, xenophobia or about keeping outsiders out (Think Rahab, Ruth and the Gibeonites), but it was a battle for preserving spiritual influence.

Here, we observe how the community of God played that key role of anchoring believers to their faith - keeping them in the faith, rather than distracting or drawing them away from God.

Hence, the need for a Christian community stems from the eventual necessity that every believer - in the midst of a distracting world - needs to be tethered back to a source of spiritual influence. Being anchored in a Christian community that serves to keep the believer in the faith allows Christians to be attached firmly to the things of God. </