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Three Prayers for Your Heart

How do you pray when you pray for you? Praying for the crisis of the moment — a particular stress, a sudden illness, a big deadline — or praying for the needs of others’ can seem pretty clear straightforward. But how should we pray for our own hearts day after day after day? Should we be praying for our own hearts? The Psalms model prayers like these for us — prayers you can pray any day and every day.

Pray for God to Meet You

We learn to pray by reading the prayers in the Bible. This short series will look at David’s prayer in Psalm 141. In the first lab, John Piper asks why we pray for God to come. God is everywhere all the time, so what would it even mean for him to come to you today?

Pray for God to Guard You

Prayer is vital for the fight to be more like Jesus. In this lab, John Piper looks at prayer in the Bible that models the pursuit of purity. All of our effort in the pursuit of purity and holiness rests on the power and favor of God to guard us from evil.

Pray for God to Satisfy You

When we ask God to incline our hearts, can he do it? In this third lab, John Piper asks a couple of hard questions about what we pray when we pray. Are we hypocrites to pray for our mouths and behavior even when our hearts fail? We need God to meet us at every level of our lives.

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