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Fast and Pray

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Fasting is a spiritual act in humble obedience to God. it is an expression of self-denial, suppression of one's own self and will in approaching the Lord (2 Chronicles 7:14; Matthew 16:24). We fast to humble ourselves before God, to draw nearer to Him, to imitate Jesus, to seek wisdom and discernment from God--to love and worship God.

3 Ways to Fast

  • 1-Meal-Fast: Abstain from any one meal. But you may hydrate yourself with water or honey water

  • Liquid Fast: Abstain from solid foods and take only water and liquids like milk, milo or other beverages

  • Daniel Fast: abstain from meats and other favourite delicacies

NOTE: If you have an existing medical condition, do consult your physician before embarking on a fast.

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